Neighborhood Spotlight: Little Havana

Known as the colorful center of Hispanic culture in Miami, the Cuban neighborhood of Little Havana takes Cuban pride and culture to another level. Located right outside of downtown Miami, Little Havana is full of Latin culture. The cafes, restaurants, markets, art galleries, and venues lend their voices to the different Cuban backgrounds that have sprouted throughout the neighborhood. Whether you’re new to the area, visiting for the weekend, or a Miami local looking for something else to do, Little Havana has plenty of things for you to do, see, and experience.

Calle Ocho

Home to brightly painted roosters, local art galleries, and the Walk of Fame, which honors famous Cubans, Calle Ocho is the perfect location for an afternoon stroll. Calle Ocho in Little Havana’s main strip and is home to Cuban based restaurants and bakeries. Cultural Fridays, held on the last Friday of every month, are home to the best of the Cuban art scene, and culture and musical events. Calle Ocho is even home to Miami’s largest street festival, Carnival, on Calle Ocho, which has street performers, tons of explosive color, and live Latin music.

Maximo Gomez Park

Known as the Domino Park by locals, Maximo Gomez Park is the meeting spot for retirees who enjoy drinking coffee, smoking cigars and playing competitive rounds of dominoes. The park is also a historic area, named after the famous soldier, Maximo Gomez, who fought for Cuban independence from Spain!

El Titan de Bronze

A trip to Little Havana isn’t complete without a trip to El Titan de Bronze to learn about Cuban cigars. Family-owned cigar shops are scattered throughout Calle Ocho, and El Titan de Bronze is the most popular! Cuban cigars are some of the most sought after cigars, and Miami-rolled Cuban cigars are made the same. With age-old rolling techniques, each roller specializes in a specific kind of cigar with El Titan de Bronze making them in small quantities to keep up with the quality.

Culinary Tours

One of the best and most popular ways to explore Little Havana is through culinary tours. These tours offer an immersion into Cuban cuisine through samples of traditional foods at the local restaurants and cafes. From Cuban sandwiches to guava pastelitos, Little Havana culinary tours offer anyone a chance to sample the best foods, learn about Little Havana and discover their new favorite restaurant.

Viernes Culturales

This monthly street party is known as Viernes Culturales, or Cultural Fridays are hosted on the last Friday of every month and highlight local art, music, and cultural events. There are also food and drink vendors set up on the sidewalks, a stage for dancing and music performances, and plenty of local arts and crafts to enjoy.

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